Conscious Relationships

A person can be successful and enjoy creative work, financial abundance, emotional strength and a fulfilling spiritual life, and yet suffer the frustrations of a relationship that is less than what it could be.

Good relationships are not a spontaneous happening, but a conscious exercise of free will, directed toward a new, higher game, that raises the level of connection in a relationship — conscious relationships.

We help couples to improve their relationships and to create new, previously unrealized levels of happiness and fulfillment, as well as support single individuals to avoid typical pitfalls in developing a fulfilling relationship.

Our methods reveal and emphasize what people really want to achieve in a relationship, including passion, fulfillment, and deep love and connection. There are many masculine-feminine polarities in relationships, and couples can benefit greatly if they work in sessions with both a female and a male counselor at the same time.

Through our framework you will understand where you are, including your needs and values, and specific next steps to address issues of tension and to create a more conscious relationship.